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Twenty One Pilots -05.11.16- Wiener Stadthalle,Vienna


After I’ve unfortunately missed the concert from the Blurryfacetour, I was so pumped to see Twenty One Pilots live for the first time in Vienna. Not to mention that the show was totally sold out despite it was in the Wiener Stadthalle. I was curious how Josh and Tyler managed such a big crowd and how they are doing like a „two men “-show. Getting a last minute ticket wasn’t the best idea. But thanks to the buddy for sell it to the original ticket price anyway. You’re my hero dude. 

With my little cold I’ve decided to show up at the queue really late like exactly 19.30 and it’s normal to wait like half an hour outside the Wiener Stadthalle even if you’re right on time. When I got into the venue I chose the middle of the standing area because I don’t wanna die from getting no air at the concert. The crowd was mixed but I think 80 % of them were girls from the age 15-20. 

Support Act: BRY  

Right around 19.30 the lovely support act Bry entered the stage and started to sing his first song attended by his band. After playing his first song he introduced himself and he interacted directly with the crowd with jokes and a little bit with his German skills. I have to admit I’ve got a little weakness for British or Irish accents and it is always cute to hear if someone with this accent tries to speak German, but who doesn’t? I can’t forget about Bry saying „Danke“ after every song. From singing the song „You’re alright“ Bry held a little speech about being yourself and being proud of that. But also the crowd supported the charming Bry as you can see in the next picture.  Crowd while Bry was playingBry also mentioned that maybe some of the crowd know his songs from sad indie music playlists and that’s exactly how I would describe his music at all. The songs were really cute and catchy like Bry himself. Also Bry thanked Twenty One Pilots for giving him a chance to present his music over Europe. I would check him out if you like some catchy sweet indie music (: 


Twenty One Pilots

Right on time at 20.30 the lights go out and the stage was covered by a big curtain. As the intro starts the crowd really go nuts with screaming and everything as normal. Typically, Josh and Tyler started the show dressed up in red and black, and also with masks. When you want to know the story behind the masks, just click here. After the intro Twenty One Pilots played „Heavydirtysoul“. Right from the start the crowd was singing and supporting Tyler, what was really amazing and had shown the support and love for Twenty One Pilots. My concerns about Twenty One Pilots doing just a „two men“ show were erased after Josh and Tyler coming on stage. I’ve already heard that the boys have power an, but I was completely mind blown about the show they made. It’s even hard for me to think where I should begin. From the very first song I’ve seen how they gave everything and how much they love to play their own music on stage. It was so energetic that you feel like you’ve been paralyzed by them. Another point was that you have to watch fully concentrated the show because you couldn’t know where one of the boys would be next. In the first part of the show Tyler just showed up in the left sitting area which had some kind of a magic touch. The whole show from the lights, to the stunts like a backflip and the Interacting with the crowd were fantastic and besides it never felt unreal or fake.

dsc02289  Even the setlist was mixed not with just the latest album „Blurryface“ and their well-known songs, but also songs and classics from their older albums were played. And the best was the setlist was quite long. At one point Tyler interrupted the show because he wants some people from the front row to move in the second row because he knows those people were not waiting fairly in line. You can watch this here . I love that Tyler had done this and I hope that they were no misunderstandings, because I know how it is when you wait in line like the whole day or camping the night before the concert because all you want is to see your idol in the front row. I think it’s a thing where you can argue whether it’s right or it’s not. Also Josh and Tyler decided to play in the middle of the standing area, where another little stage was built. At this time the played songs from their oldest album. Josh also played on time like over the crowd. The front row got the opportunity to hold his drums with him included while the boys were playing „Ride“. My favorite part of the whole show was while the played „Guns for Hands“. Tyler jumped into a giant hamsterball to do some crowd surfing. I can’t imagine how exhausting this must be but props to Tyler for doing that. I don’t really know how to end this post because I think I could write like hours about this concert experience. Actually it’s important to say that Twenty One Pilots said that they think they have to visit vienna again and I think I will be there to 99,9 %. Guys so if you ever have the chance to see Twenty One Pilots in concert, please take this opportunity to see them, I can promise you you won’t regret this.  Here are my best shots from the rest of the show.

Joshdsc02236Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots thanking the crowd


Fairly Local (Intro)/ Heavydirtysoul
We Don’t Believe What’s on TV (with House of Gold intro)
Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)
The Judge
Lane Boy
Ode to Slepp
The Pantaloon / Fall Away / Johnny Boy / Forest / Addict with a Pen / March to the Sea / Kitchen Sink
Holding on to You
Jump Around (House of Pain cover)
Stressed Out
Guns for Hands
Car Radio


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