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Halsey – 27.02.16 – Koncerthuset, Copenhagen


I know it’s quite late to post this concert review about my first Halsey concert, but I hope you don’t mind if i post it anyway. So it was my first time seeing halsey live and because she doesn’t come to Austria this year I’ve decided to take a short trip with my little sister to Copenhagen to see her. And all i can say I  definitely don’t regret it.

So where should I begin? In my Opinion Halsey is one of the rising stars in the Pop/Electro Genre. I love her music and her mix between Pop, Electro and something dark.  It’s quite easy as she described her self in her biography:

I am Halsey. I will never be anything but honest. I write songs about sex and being sad.

And with her honesty and her personality she appeals a very big crowd, as you can see she’s got a quite big fan base, especially on social media sites like TumblrInstagram and so on. I’ve also watched a lot of her live performances, where she really gave her best. Still, I had to convince myself if she’s really that good live.

The doors opened at 8 pm and as normal in February in Denmark it was really cold outside. My sister and I decided to come half an hour before the opening and the queue was already long. After they let us in, the process at the Koncerthuset was really amazing and organized. They checked us and after that we handed our jackets in at the cloakroom. The best thing was it was for free what i had never experienced before at a venue. I love Denmark anyway. Here a compliment to the organization and the Koncerthuset.

Opening Act: BØRNS

I must confess I’ve known BØRNS not quite that good at this time. I’ve heard songs of them often wondering if the singer is a boy or a girl and sometimes they appeared on the radio with the song Electric Love or 10,000 Emerald Pools and i was like oh hey there are summer vibes and the perfect songs for driving around hours in the car on a road trip.

Clearly after the first song I’m sure about the singer and guess what? He’s a boy :D. Garrett Borns has a voice like a sacred angel who has fallen on our earth with his long brown hair, which are lovelier and more groomed as my own hair. So it wasn’t a surprise at all that he really interacted with the audience (which consisted of 95 % girls and 5 % boys) in a flirty and coquettish way. As an opening act he really fitted in the setting and satisfied the audience. Also, I have to compliment the band that supported him. I will probably see BØRNS again.

Mainact: Halsey


After half an hour waiting period, Halsey came on stage with Gasoline as an opening song. While she walked on stage everyone was trying to catch the perfect picture. At this moment it was a blessing that I’m really tall for a girl. From the start Halsey was really powerful and entertaining. After her first song she introduced herself and thanks the audience for being there and making it possible to play in Denmark and that she will maybe come again next year. After this, she continued with an older song Hold me Down a classic one. The crowd gave also 100 % from the start with singing and party screaming the lyrics of Halsey songs. There wasn’t a song which the audience couldn’t sing with, which shows how connected the fan base and Halsey are.

Halsey sang almost every song from her first album Badlands which included for example Castle (now the soundtrack of the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Strange Love Haunting, or the love song Drive. But also her songs she always be connected with GhostNew AmericanaIs there Somewhere were played. Also, the light show in the background was perfectly sintonic with the meanings of the songs. While Is there Somewhere, Halsey stood on the barrier leaning towards the crowd. Another time Halsey waved the gay pride flag and told the audience to be them self and accept them self as who they are. Halsey considered herself as bisexual and is for many young people a role model. After 13 songs, Halsey left the stage. Of Course there was an encore. As an encore she performed „Young God“ and finished the night.

In conclusion, I can say the traveling was worth it. Both acts BØRNS and Halsey are as artists extraordinary and have great recognition values. I’m exited if there will be new music from the artists. Halsey is already in the writing process of new songs. Hope to get a second chance to see Halsey again maybe with some new songs or another great album. 

Setlist – Halsey 

  1. Gasoline
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. Castle
  4. Strange Love
  5. Haunting
  6. Roman Holiday
  7. Control
  8. Drive
  9. Ghost
  10. Is There Somewhere
  11. Hurricane
  12. Colors pt. II
  13. Colors
  14. New Americana


  1. Young God

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